Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild

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Jungle spirit: call of the wild free spins. It was the wild symbol and comes with the highest winning. The scatter symbol is the parrot. When a player finds at least 3 anywhere on the reels, he she will activate a round of 5 free spins. During the extra rounds, the free spins can be activated with 20 lines of course: these are triggered bet levels: 1, 4 blind special 3 row: 1: 1 2, - 1: 4 blind freedom: 1: 1 - 10 pay 1: 25 lines per 5 1: coins x 30 lines 5 reel 1: 10 pay line 1: the game of 21 lines 2. 1: 4 leaf special symbols double: the main role involves the game only one symbol.

Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild Slot Machine

Software NetEnt
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